Monex Group Incorporated (aka-Manekkusu-Guru-pu-Kabushiki-gaisha) is a financial services company based in Japan, Tokyo city. The primary subsidiary of Monex Group Incorporated is Monex Securities.

Monex Subsidiaries

The primary function of Monex Securities is engaging in online securities trading. It was founded on the 5th of April, 1999. It has other subsidiaries like

  1. Monex Inc
  2. Monex Securities
  3. Monex Boom
  4. Tradestation
  5. Coincheck.

It is a firm that has been successful in providing services on a global scale. However, this is not something to be discussed here now. The news is that this firm, Monex, has turned out to be successful enough to become the first company to get itself land to offer cryptocurrency CFD. Let’s get into more details.

Monex Securities to be the First Company from Japan to Offer Crypto CFD

The very prominent online securities providing company Monex Securities is the first company from Japan offering cryptocurrency CFD. It has just come up with the inauguration of a contract or settlement in cryptocurrency for different services on 8th July 2020. This is something to happen for the very first time. A well known Japanese business of securities is offering a cryptocurrency CFD.

Now, do you know what CFD means? For your information, CFD is basically a category of derivatives where the one who is buying the contract makes a payment to the one selling. The payment is basically the amount varying between an asset’s present cost value and the cost of that asset at any future date set out in the agreement or the contract.

Some Reports from Monex Regarding this Matter

Based on the announcement made by Monex on 8th July 2020, the CFD will be very much obtainable for Bitcoin per yen, available for Ether per yen, XRP per yen, and also for Bitcoin Cash per yen for pair trading.

The limit of the rate of the purchase or the rate of leverage is two times. Monex also made a statement in a report that they would be taking the addition of a bunch of fresh coins into consideration after pondering the risks of liquidity, the danger of price fluctuations, demand along with the perils of the crypto blockchain network.

The root of the Monex Securities firm or the parent company of Monex Securities, Monex Group Incorporated, is running Coincheck as well. This falls under the most prominent cryptocurrency trades going on in Japan.

Last Note

On 1st May 2020, Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (in short, FIEL) was imposed and revised by the government of Japan. This newly enforced law states, businesses need to be listed as a Financial Instrument Business if they are offering trading on crypto-derivatives.

Monex Securities will be coming up with the freshly launched crypto derivative facility as a financial tool that would be under the regulation of the FIEL. Hopefully, you got the exact info you were looking for.

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