The users of Cannabidiol in Europe can now rejoice about the fact that they can trace the plant’s journey from plantation to retail stores. It would help the users to monitor the quality of the product closely. It would now be made possible through a blockchain tool named “CanCheck,” which was recently announced by the Cannabinoid Association of the Netherlands (CAN). The association made the announcement on August 6, and the tool would be available for free for the Cannabidiol users to trace the CBD products online for free.

Hempflax, which is one of the largest growers and processors of Hemp products in the European Union, and who is also one of the founding members of the association, would be the first company to offer its product for online tracing in the EU. The CEO of the blockchain company, Mark Reinders, said that the traceability of CBD products from seed to shelf would help protect the customers in their search for quality products. The customers can check the age, origin, quality, and other parameters related to CBD products before going ahead to purchase it.

However, CBD organizations in Europe are not the first to introduce the seed-to-shelf concept. StrainSecure, a North American blockchain-based cannabis tracker, also announced recently that it would be validating medical cannabis products based on their DNAs. In Canada, cannabis is available as well as legal for both medicinal as well as recreational purposes. In the United States, however, the rules and regulations on cannabis products vary from state to state. The discussion on the pan-American removal of the ban on Cannabis products is still underway, and the users hope it would soon be a reality.

Uruguay was the first country globally to legalize the production and sale of Cannabis products. It is also the first country in the world to use the blockchain technology to build an integrated supply chain tracker for Cannabis products. Recently, many of the dispensaries in the United States, where selling cannabis is legal to have started accepting Bitcoin Cash. Recently, the member of the Berkeley City Council, Ben Barlett, purchased Cannabis by using Bitcoin Cash and Stablecoin Universal Dollar (UPUS).

The trend of acceptance of cryptocurrencies in cannabis retail stores is not surprising. It is primarily because cryptocurrencies are regarded as highly and well-accepted in the cannabis world. The developers are working on many other methods to use the blockchain technology at various stages in cannabis plantation to production.

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