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Jpmorgan: Bitcoin Is ‘Overbought’ But Will Suck Money Out Of Gold

The Internet is common to use in every person, and most people use digital currency to buy or for transactions. Cryptocurrency even becomes the medium for salary payment in some countries. Bitcoin is a digital currency type where each Bitcoin is computerized data file stored in digital wallets. Cryptocurrency is developed using blockchain technology where such currency only exists virtually. Each unit consists of a set of data, and every single transaction of this currency is recorded in computerized data files called ledgers.

Blockchain technology uses a decentralized mechanism where no authority or third party involvement is needed during transactions or trading and is non-reputable. Bitcoin prices are reaching great heights nowadays, and cryptocurrency developers do their best to level up security and safety, attracting more potential crypto users. Institutional investors are paying more interest in investments in buying crypto. From recent news at, most of the institutional investors hold a cryptocurrency. People are paying attention due to profits accumulated by cryptocurrency traders. Bitcoins are bought on a large scale during these months stated


Overbuying bitcoin

According to JP Morgan. Many people are buying Bitcoins, and the Bitcoin price rises. And according to Coin telegram reports, reasons for the price rise include institutional investors who bought Bitcoin through off-exchange trading. This leads to a lack of supply availability, and this crisis is being known as a liquidity crisis.

People are buying cryptocurrency on a large scale, leading to a speedup of Bitcoin price rise unlimitedly. And over scale buyers need to keep up the pace to avoid the losses. To avoid the price drop, institutional investors need to keep up the buying. And this also pushes the prices of Bitcoin to a new level.

Analysts claim

According to a grayscale report, crypto assets have reached $13.1 billion under management. This becomes a concern of inflow size where it is” too big to allow any position and winding by momentum traders to create sustained to price dynamic.” Despite this situation, people still buy Bitcoin. Even though the current price levels of Bitcoin are approximating $24,000, it’s still overbought hair spa, the relative strength index that rises above 70.

As the Bitcoin price is rising, gold is losing its place. According to recent findings, new trends are formed by grayscale where exposure to Bitcoin can involve one unit buying of greyscale three units of SPDR gold trust. If this goes on, the gold price can n push down by Bitcoin from the structural flow headwind during the upcoming years.

Due to Bitcoin price rail up to great heights, the mutual relation between gold and Bitcoin decreases. If this goes on, the price rate of gold will have the problem of recovery point. As per the previous suggestions after insurance sent Mars mutual revealed $100 million allocations, it is said that with $600 billion cash investment from institutional investors can benefit Bitcoin to rise. But now, gold is losing its place due to investments in Bitcoin. To keep up the price rise of Bitcoin, institutional investors buying cryptocurrency through trades leads to unavailability of supply and affecting gold price.

Impact on gold vs. bitcoin

If this goes on, the balance between Bitcoin and gold will be affected dramatically and affect gold recovery. Investments in Bitcoin are increasing due to the rise of Bitcoin price, and many people are participating in such trades to acquire profits, as the cost of Bitcoin is rising to new all-time highs. Many Bitcoin trading platforms are inactive state due to the rise of Bitcoin price. News reported that institutional investors might be trying to push up the price of Bitcoin by investing in it. Thus by doing this, there won’t be any negative drop off its price.


Crypto trading becomes a trend nowadays, and many people are investing in it to gain profits. Institutional investors like banks, funding companies who can purchase their targeted properties or assets paying attention for the past few days, and now they are buying Bitcoins on a large scale as recently. Bitcoin price has been rising, .and to keep that pace, institutional buying it continuously through off-exchange trading to the point that its availability is lacking. The continuous rising of Bitcoin prices leads to problems such as affecting gold.  Recent news states that the correlation between Bitcoin and gold has decreased significantly. This over-buying is leading to a liquidity crisis, which will only point up with time. Also, the analyst claims that this cycle could fuel up Bitcoin to an unlimited level. The gold prices will decrease and reach the point where it affects its recovery, and it would suffer in upcoming years. Currently increasing Bitcoin price the correlation between gold and Bitcoin, and it might decrease overly is it continuous at this pace.